<tc>Gougounes Rousses</tc>

Gougounes Rousses

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Vthis is what happens when you turn all the feelings of a long summer evening into a rich, flavorful beer. An aroma of caramel, blackberries and cookies brings back memories of campfires and enchanting sunsets. A perfect balance of grape and caramel flavors will seduce you, inviting you for another sip. All that remains is to grab your guitar and get rid of your flip flops.


This is what happens when you turn a long summer night into a beer. A rich aroma of caramel, blackberry and biscuit bring out memories of sitting around a campfire and watching the sun sink into the horizon. A perfectly balanced flavor of raisins and toffee sing to your taste buds, beckoning for another sip before reaching for that guitar and kicking off your flip-flops.