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Barbe Blanche

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A true fusion of Old World accents and contemporary Canadian styles, this wheat beer bursts with aromas of ripe bananas and cloves. After this first discovery, it seduces us with its sweet scents of melon and sweet smoke. On the palate, this beer complements its aroma while adding the fine and unctuous texture of wheat. An experience bringing back the olfactory memory of a banana cake. Topped with a beautiful white foam, it bears its name of White Beard with dignity.


A true fusion of old European and new Canadian styles, this wheat beer explodes with aromas of ripe banana and alluring clove. A second side of the beer exposes itself after the initial wave, bringing you closer with light sweet melon and seductive smoke. The flavor of this beer follows its aroma, but ties in the creamy and silken texture of the wheat, leading to an experience that reminisces of baked banana bread. You'll find that the head on this beer really does live up to its name!