<tc>La Cavalerie d'Houblons</tc>

La Cavalerie d'Houblons

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This surprising IPA beer in many ways, leads the way with its aromas that will make your mouth water. Pears, watermelon, apricot and lime merge and sound the charge to your taste pupils! You will find a bitterness in the mouth which gives it a rank of full-bodied beer. With its dazzling finish, La Cavalerie will invite you to its next tasting.


An approachable IPA in every sense, this beer leads the pack with an aroma that is certain to set you drooling. Pear, watermelon and apricot lime all dance in the air, sounding the charge to your taste buds. The fruits evolve as they encounter your palate, morphing into peaches, pineapple and lime. All throughout this riot of flavors, you'll have a solid bitterness that proves this beer has some hop muscle. With its lightning finish, the Cavalry will have you galloping to get more.